Brushes and Paint

Since I started painting I have always used the best - and expensive - sable watercolour brushes. They just seem to act better like the difference between a Ferrari and a  Morris Minor.Being nerdy I have never thrown a brush away much to the amusement of schoolchildren that have visited my studio. I counted them for this blog and I now have 1750 worn out old friends-a few hours there then ! 

I also have always exclusively used Liquitex acrylic paint , expensive but wonderful for their range of colours whether opaque or translucent and buttery soft feel. I have 12 different blues and 14 different greens.Once again you get what you pay for,they work better especially together with my sable friends.

Liquitex is an American brand but made in France ,let's hope Brexit and Trump do not make it unaffordable ....

May 2018