For the professional artist, finish, presentation and framing is very important. When prospective purchasers view a painting on the gallery wall they need to be comfortable with the product as a whole after being drawn by the image.

I work in acrylic and for some years have used ready made, fine textured linen canvasses that come already primed. This fine texture provides a surface that can give a hard edge when needed and the fine tooth is very helpful for the graduation of colour i.e. in skies. When the painting is finished I spray with about 4 light coats of matt acrylic varnish which provides a flawless surface which has a very subtle sheen.

I use simple wooden frames painted by me in Farrow and Ball matchpot greys that give a flat finish. This neutral treatment allows the client to re-frame to their taste.

Artists would do well to get their frames made professionally as the mitre and the underpinning are not easy to get right and can detract from the finished painting.

March 2018